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Okay so I've been to 3 lasik eye clinics now for evaluations and was given the green light from all of them. I am 42 male with a very bad astigmatism. I have been wearing glasses and contacts since high school. These days I can only wear my contacts for a couple hours before they become dry and irritating. So I have been seriously contemplating getting lasik, however I'm concerned about the dry eye problem many people have experienced. Right now my eyes get dry often but it's not too bad. So my fear is that the lasik will make my dry eyes worse. I don't want to trade one problem for another. The doctors have said that my eyes produce enough tears and that I should be fine - but I'm leery of their opinions since I'm sure they are financially motivated. Any opinions would be appreciated.
If you already have dry eye, then LASIK will exasperate the condition. Why? It has something to do with severing the corneal nerves when the flap is cut. I did not know this when I had LASIK but found out after(nice, huh?). And if you do have LASIK and your vision is not 20/20, the docs will blame it all on dry eye(insufficient tear film for good vision). In other words, it will be your fault, guaranteed. So, do more research and asks lots of questions before deciding to have the procedure.

You are very wise to realize that the money is tainting the views and opinions. Many see through "green" tinted glasses. ;)
I am not saying you should not go through with LASIK. Just proceed cautiously. Seek out the best docs.
The thing about lasik, though, is that you can't necessarily recommend it to
someone else because it worked for you. There are people who end up with dry
eye who never had it before and there are people who start out dry and get worse. There are people living with severe, disabling dry eye that was induced by lasik. So whoever you recommend it to may end up with a major problem,
even though you didn't.

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