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I had Lasik three years ago. I decided to have it because contacts were very uncomfortable for me, my eyes always felt dry and I was constantly sticking my fingers in my eyes and moving my contacts around to try to moisten them up! After Lasik, I still had dry eyes so my doctor put me on Restasis (prescription eye drops) for abount 6 months and that was really the end of the dry eyes. Three years later I have spectacular vision, and NO GLASSES OR CONTACTS! :D However, I do not have astigmatism and I was also 23 when I had the procedure done. As you get older, I think the risks of the procedure increase. If the doctors are telling you that you are a good candidate despite your dry eye issues, I would probably go ahead and do it. Just make sure it is a reputable surgeon and not some discount Lasik center. Your vision is priceless so it's not the time to save a few bucks! That's the best advice I can give you. Good luck!

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