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I agree with the previous post, I too questioned my decision during the first month or so of recovery. I had lasik about 9 months ago. I was also a freak about protecting my eyes, I was so worried that I would get something in my eye, or dislodge my flap! However this all passed and even just a couple weeks post-op I started rubbing my eyes. I'm sure I got really lucky because I rubbed my eyes a lot, I couldn’t help it. I didn’t have very good vision after lasik, but my eyes were -7.5 before I had the surgery, so it took longer for me to recover due to needing more time with the laser on each eye.. (yes the smell was weird, yes I was very anxious as well even on valium, and yes it was a bit traumatic). It took me a little over a month to really be able to see well. I was driving on day 2, but I shouldn’t have been. I was 23 when I had the surgery and I'd been wearing contacts since 5th grade and glasses since 1st grade. I am now 20/20. Every night, even to this day, I still think that I need to go take out my contacts before bed. I even had trouble falling asleep while being able to see, because that meant my contacts were in and I shouldn’t sleep in contacts! I was so used to not being able to see 3 feet in front of me without my contacts in, so it was very weird to go to bed being able to see across the room! I had pretty bad dry after post-op. I was on restasis and tons of rewetting drops. Honestly, my dry eye didn’t get better until about 4months post-op and not until I STOPPED taking Restasis. Weird.

Anyways the point of this is to tell you to hang in there. Things get better, and once they do every ounce of pain and frustration is worth being able to see. I know there are people out there who have had complications, I was one of them, but now that I’m healed I'd do it all over again in heartbeat. Being able to see without corrective lenses is a miracle for me, since all I've known my whole life is glasses and contacts.

I'm a little worried what the future might hold, a little worried I might need an enhancement or worried that my eyes will regress, but for now I'm just enjoying being able to see! I am curious to know what people with severe myopia and astigmatism's results are 1-5 years post op.

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