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[QUOTE=merlintl;4148912]Wow.... I'm a tad over 3 weeks post-Lasik Surgery and wondering if I've made the biggest mistake of my life.... Sigh....

[COLOR="Blue"]Right Eye[/COLOR] - Up until 2 days ago the right eye was rock solid. While I've had halos at night, the visual acuity has been very very good. About 36hrs ago, my right eye's night vision has fallen off a cliff. While everything is perfectly clear and good in daylight, at night I can be 20 feet from the stop sign and still see blurriness in the letters "S" "T" "O" "P".

It started to go blurry Tuesday night. On Tuesday, was outside most of the day (sunglasses). About miday went to the gym (5 mins cardio, very light weights for about 15 mins, sauna 5 mins, whirlpool 5 mins; nothing special). Worked on computer for about 2hrs. Watched TV for a while.

[COLOR="blue"]Left Eye[/COLOR] - After about a week I started seeing a small amount of ghosting / double vision in low light. This has been consistent for the last two weeks. My doc says its part of the natural healing process.

The funny thing is I've been worrying about the left eye and now the right has gone south. Today I saw doc but didn't think too much about last night since I figured I was just dry or something like that. Doc indicated a little bit of dryness but flap and eye looked good. But that fact that tonight, my night vision in right is crap, getting concerned.

Note I've been using Systane Ultra about every 1-2 hrs and still on Omnipred for 1/day dose.

What did I get myself into???[/QUOTE]

Hi! I feel your anxiety and pain - I had conventional ILasik done on 1-15-2010 and, like you, have wondered the same at times - but I have to remember that I spent thirty years severely myopic minus -12.00 on each eye with endless contact and glasses issues; please give yourself time to heal - my eyes continue "to do battle" and my doc reminded me that in my case it was major eye surgery; I have also been rather physically lazy during these last seven weeks - besides work which involves lots of computer time I'm truly taking it easy - my waistline could use some activity but that will come in time; the dry eyes are pesky and I have tried just about all preservative free drops - the restasis is tricky too; halos are better now but oncoming lights at night are definitely more noticed now;
hang in there - best wishes to you!

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