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Sorry to leave you guys hanging, thanks for keeping the thread up. In short, life is much better now, though not perfect.

First, and most importantly, we discovered that my slow healing was the result of a steroid reaction. The OmniPred drops I'd been taking were causing an overreaction in my eyes. That paired with me taking them too long (by about a week, due to the lack of any indication from my doctor to STOP taking them) caused a pressure problem. Ocular pressure usually remains the same or drops slightly after Lasik. Mine went from 12 to 20. This was causing discomfort and lens shape changes.

So, I stopped the steroid and took a two week trip to Costa Rica (the trip had been already planned, but was conveniently humid AKA good for dry eyes). It helped with the discomfort, though vision remained about the same.

Now, it's been almost two months. My vision is not perfect, and still what I consider mostly unsatisfactory, but it's so much better that it seems a miracle (after what I'd gone through). I woke up a week ago with 20/20 or 20/25 in my left and 20/30 or 20/35 in my right (depends on the dryness). I have a thin pair of glasses (given to me by doctor) that I use when I need the extra sharpness and for use in lowlight conditions and while driving at night.

I find now that I'm fine all day, until the sun gets low, or I go into a lowlit room or store (especially fluorescently lit ones). The amount and quality of light seems to have a major effect on the vision.

It's still pretty obnoxious to have glasses at all and to have to carry around a bunch of drops (morning eyes are still so dry they stick shut, yuck), but compared to the terrible vision and searing headaches and despair of those first weeks, it's a huge relief. I make my living doing ornithological/bird work, and vision is of paramount importance. I'd been really upset after the Lasik when I could no longer ID birds flying past. That's mostly changed, though the glasses are helpful for fine detail and those high-flying hawks.

In short, life again seems manageable, so much so that I am currently riding my motorbike across the United States (it's cold) to make a new bird job in Arizona.

Hope my words help, glad to keep the discussion going.

- C

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