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Hello. Any help from knowledgeable folks/people with similar experience. I had Intralase/Bladeless Lasik done six days ago at a reputable doctor with the VisX machine. I am young, healthy and had "moderate" myopia (-3.00 and -5.00). I was told I was a good candidate and had a great potential for 20/20 vision after the surgery.

So, it has now been 6 days since surgery. I do not have 20/20 vision. Perhaps closer to 20/40, and with slight double vision/haze. I'm unsure of course, as I can't measure myself. I can't read street signs until I'm right up on them. I tested 20/25 on the day after post-checkup, but it was very blurry and I don't think I really deserved the rating.

Now when I wake up I have near perfect vision (near, not perfect). This lasts about 1-2 hours then my vision degrades quickly. I develop strain, headache and blurred vision of anything more than 6 feet out. My surgeon assures me that this is classic Dry Eye and we can treat it. While that makes me feel better, I am very nervous/skeptical for several reasons.

1) My near vision is always perfect. If I was experiencing dry eye blurriness, wouldn't this be blurry as well?
2.)Wetting drops certainly make me feel better and relieve some strain and pain, but do not clear up my vision. Wouldn't I expect to have good vision for at least a minute after drops?
3.) My left eye (originally worse) is now much better. My right is now worse (originally the better eye). If I was having Dry Eye only, wouldn't I expect to have equally poor vision in both?

My vision has stayed this way since day two or three with no real improvement. I am very worried that I am just stuck with sub-par vision, despite the optimisms given to me before surgery. In fact, I'm beginning to despair pretty intensely and spending much of the day regretting this surgery. Now I'm out a few grand AND I have lousy vision AND I have to use a regiment of pricey drops? What was I thinking? Trying to stay optimistic.

But is there really any chance for significant changes this far into the process?

I'm hoping to hear from folks who had similar experiences, OR from folks who noticed major changes 6+ days after LASIK (to give me hope, mostly).

Thank you so much for any input.
Dry Eye can definitely cause blurriness. I can't say thats what causing your issue since I'm not an MD. However, dry eye did cause blurriness for me. It was not as bad as your scenario but I remember on one occasion my right eye had bad dryness and it went from 20/20 to about 20/40 in about 2 hrs. Luckily 2 days later it was fine.

and BTW... Do NOT despair. Worry and Stress slow healing. I know that's cliche to say but its true.

Do I regret my Lasik (7 weeks ago)? Haven't made up my mind yet. I have 20/20 (R) and 20/25 (L) so far. However, I'm having really bad dry eye and using lubricating drops about every 30-45mins. Also, I have ghosting/astigmatism in low light. And halos but the halos are much better than week 1. I started panicking about week 3 (dry eye / ghosting) but I've finally come to terms that this maybe a slow healing process.

One thing I do wish I could change is when I had my surgery. Wintertime is the absolute worse time to have Lasik in my opinion since is so cold and low humidity in most of the US and that will dry you out in a heartbeat. If you are using a lot of drops make sure you use the preservative free kind. My personal preference for drop is Refresh Endura (available in Canada), Refresh Dry Eye Therapy, and Refresh Optive.

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