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I had fluctuating vision starting about a week after Lasik (had Lasik 3+ years ago), and of course I freaked out, but it turned out to be dry eye as well. I was put on Restasis, which I was on for about 6 months. I didn't really have any vision "problems" ever, but just more of fluctuating vision. I would be able to see something really clearly one minute, and not so clearly the next. I was very scared too, so I completely understand what you're feeling. But after I started the prescription drops, it cleared up. Your eyes are still healing. I know that all the advertisements make it sound like Lasik is a piece of cake and you'll be able to see great the next day, but your eyes really do take months to heal. Fluctuating viison is normal, and it really could be just dry eye like mine was. Good luck!!
[QUOTE=ddefer;4194295]Any update on your condition? I had LASIK done on Jan 15 2010 and am in your exact same situation. My vision is perfect for about and hour when I wake up and degrades steadily all day long.

Went on a business trip this past week and only then did it sink in how POOR my results are. Unable to see road signs (took me 90 minutes to find a place 15 mile from the airport) and unable to see meeting projections and whiteboarding sessions by end of day.

LASIK seems like a complete disaster to me right now and feel sick that the damage cannot be undone.[/QUOTE]
Don't despair. You are right in the time period where a lot of second guessing occurs. I went through that too. Buyers remorse. Many people do. So, take a deep breath. It will work out fine.

My vision is still good right after awakening then fades. I just went to the doc last week. Both eyes are -0.75 and I can see pretty well. Right now I have started a regimen of "Hydro Therapy" (it's a fish oil supplement), Restasis (prescription drops) and hot wrap on my eye lids (hot towel applied to lids to soften the Meibomian glands). It has only been a few days and already I see some improvement. So, I will stay on that treatment and go back in 2 months.

Then we will look at the options. Perhaps an enhancement or I might just choose to wear a pair of glasses while looking at fine details. Even with the issues, I really like the freedom of not being as blind as a bat w/o my glasses. So it was worth it. Unnerving at times? You bet. But it will work out fine.

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