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Last saturday I went for lasik surgery.

My spectacle degree is high. Around 800 degree a eye plus 400 degree shan guang a eye.

It has been 1 week already and I have been following the instructions. Apply antibiotic eye drop every 4 hour and the refresh eye drop every 1 hour but my vision is still very blur.

Today I went to a spectacle shop to do a test and found out that there is 150 degree residual in each of my eyes and 75 degree lao hua eyes(which previously I didn't have any lao hua eyes)

I ask the optician how come there is lao hua eyes as before the lasik I did not have it. He say that it is because my eyes haven't stabilse yet.

I call the clinic to ask if there could be a under correction as my spectacle degree are high. They say this will only be known after 2 months from the date of surgery and the doctor will only say if there is under correction and whether they need any enhancement surgery after 2 months.

I heard that there are some people who waited for 2 months after the lasik surgery than they get back full vision.

I got some questions to ask:

1. For those that take a long time like 2 months to get back full vision, how do you work when you everyday need to see computer and can't see clearly? Did you go and make a temp spectacle to wear during this 2 months?

I might be starting work soon and its a office job which requires me to always stare at computer. Right now I still can't see the computer clearly probably because there are still residual degree left in my eyes.

Should I go and make a temp spectacle?

2. When I bath there are some shampoo that goes into my eyes which I am told not to let shampoo go into my eyes during the 1st week. Is this why it takes a longer time to recover?

3. My eyes still have the red shot left from the lasik surgery. Is it because the red shot have not recover yet that is why my vision is still blur?

4. The clinic told me that my 2nd and 3rd review will be done by the senior optometrist. If she thinks there are complications or problem than she will refer me to see the doctor.

What is a Senior Optometrist? Is she/he just like the normal optician that we see in the spectacle shop?

What kind of education qualification do the senior optometrist have? What is the difference between senior optometrist and the doctor?

5. If there are still residual degree left in my eyes after 2 months and the doctor recommend enhancement surgery which will cost $275, should I go for it? I don't really trust that clinic anymore. Should I just go make a spectacle to wear or spend the $275 for enhancement surgery?

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