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Had LASIK Friday afternoon at Millennium Eye Centers in Sunrise, FL. I had Intralase with the Allegretto Wave. The surgery was painless and total operating time was maybe 2-3 minutes max.

I had a slight astigmatism -1.75 in both eyes so I was about 20/80.

The first night was a little uncomfortable with some stinging, and they give you numbing drops to use but I didnt use them.

The next morning I had my next day post op visit back to the center and I was 20/10!!! The very next day! My far sight is insane, and close up I can read perfect too. In fact, very close up. I am 29, so hopefully that won't change for a while (till Im older and need reading glasses). My prescription hadnt really change much in the last 10 years either so it made me a good candidate.

It has been 72 hours and I am doing great, the vision is unbelievable.

The 1 and only thing I would have to say sucks about it is all the drops you have to take religiously for days. The first 24 hrs you have to take lubricating drops EVERY 5-10 minutes (while awake)! Then throughout the week I will be slowly weened off. Now I am doing them about every 30 mins.
There is also antibiotic drops and steroids which are every 2 hours the first couple days, then 4 times a day for the rest of the week.

I will update as I heal/etc.

My night vision is also excellent. As for starburt/halo, I do see startburst but ONLY from oncoming headlights and only certain types of light have halos...but its so minor I wouldnt fret about it unless I knew of people having these so called 'issues'. But I do realize, a lot will change as my eyes continue to heal.
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I also had the intralase Lasik yesterday and so good.

I only have to use the lubricating drops as needed. So far I've only had to use them 3 or 4 times in the last 24 hours. The haziness is beginning to fade along with the halos. So far starburts. But I've had a tiny bit of scrathiness in the left eye. Other than that...all is well so far! :-)

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