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I have to admit.. my doctor has not been the most helpful and explaining character since the surgery..

After my appointment today.. he said that it was indeed well over 20/40 and that we would do a touch up surgery, as soon as next week.

I was a little shocked to hear this as everyone has stated that 6 months is the MINIMUM to healing or touch ups. When i expressed this he said no .. no need to wait as "my eyes are not getting better".

Im greatly full of concern at this point and have made an appointment for a second opnion. How can my eyes go from 20/20 to 20/40 in a month unless he did it wrong in the first place?

I asked if he needed to do a scan or anything again and he just said no. We will just touch it up but the amount from the "regular old glasses test" that he did.

Also to the above post.. I am talking 100% about distance vision and have nothing to do with close up reading. My close vision has and is still fine... its distance vision that is effected.

Has anyone else had a touch up? Im kinda scared to 'start all over again'... and not sure that i should be doing this at 3 months? Thoughts?

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