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Just remember that it is your vision and you are in control. I do not see anything wrong with your reasoning. You are quite right to want to wait for more healing to occur, then make an enhancement decision.

My doc wanted to touch up my L. eye at 6 months and I somewhat hesitantly agreed. But between the time he tested me and the scheduled surgery, I noticed a change in my L. eye vision. An improvement. So I called and cancelled the surgery. Turns out that the L. eye did improve to the point where it is better than the R. eye. It may even turn out that I will have an enhancement on the R. rather than the L. Even at a year now, I am still seeing some improvement.

However, I discussed this with the doc(there are multiple dr's in the office) and they are fine with waiting for more healing and working on the tear film. I have up to 2 yrs. for a "free" enhancement.

I did go to another LASIK doc (competitor) for an assessment and he said that the flaps looked beautiful and healing well. He recommended waiting and just getting glasses for distance if need be. My new prescription would be very light, maybe -0.5. I could live with glasses on occasion. Actually, I think very light prescription glasses look good and make good "jewry". (ie: Sarah Palin).

If using drops makes your vision better even for a moment, I would pursue tear film production via Restasis, Flax Oil, etc. and give the healing process more time. Go to another doc and ask for their opinion. It will cost you a small amount but will be well worth it.

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