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Try not to worry. 5 days is still REALLY early, but I know each day feels like an eternity. You're constantly checking your vision to see if it's better or worse. Checking one eye at a time, by covering each one with your hand. I still catch myself doing that, and I'm 4 months post-op.

The haze will go away in low light. The doctor did not tell me about the haze before my procedure, so that did concern me too. When I told her about it, she advised this was normal. She was right. Mine did go away after about 2-3 weeks.

I felt my entire procedure, too. And I told my doctor this after the fact. She looked at me like I had three heads. I had a similar experience as you. Did not hear ringing, no anxiety attack, but I did feel nervous and wondered, 'is this normal to feel this? I feel like I have to blink and the eye-lid holder is bugging me, and this burns, and I can feel them 'painting' my flap back over my eye with that paintbrush!'. Afterward, I did feel like I had to vomit. There is no way I could've driven myself home (and they don't advise that, but I had to have 2 layers of cloth over my face on the drive home bc the sun light was so unbearable and I was in pain). I'm certain the numbing drops did not work for me. Makes you second-guess yourself though, doesn't it? I thought I was going crazy, but I know I wasn't.

Don't worry yourself reading all of the horror stories. I've done that. You will be just fine. I will say this.. I have a problem with dry eyes (and the doctor didn't mention this to me prior to surgery either). I am on currently on Restasis, which is a prescription drop that helps with tear production. I'm still struggling with it. My eyes still burn and get blurry (although they were good for about a month), but I work in front of a computer all day, which I know doesn't help.

My vision is not as crisp as it was my first week after surgery. And I didn't develop the starbursts at night, until 1 month post-op. The starbursts are getting better, I think. I'm currently about 20/20 in my left eye with .25 astigmatism (and I feel like there is something in my left eye all the time, but this may have to do with my dry eye issue). And I'm nearly 20/15 in my right eye. I did have a .25 astigmatism in my right eye for about 2 months after surgery, but it has gone away :). And my vision is STILL fluctuating. I think I'm a slow healer. I've also heard some people see even better one year after the surgery! So, here's hoping that will happen for both of us :) Again, try not to worry. Easier said than done. Just keep using your preservative free drops. Also, if you happen to get really dry eyes, I recommend the gel, RefreshPM. This gel saved my life. My eyes burned so badly, I wasn't getting any sleep. This gel takes a lot of the burn away. I still have to use it everyday.

Hang in there! You will be just fine! I promise! It's still early! Many more people have success with this surgery, than those who don't. :) I have 4 friends who had it done, and they rave about it. Also, keep in mind, people typically have one eye that is 'better' than the other, even after they are healed. Stay positive :)

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