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I'm 39 years old and had Custom lasik eye surgery done about 2 weeks ago on my left eye (astigmatism). the procedure went without any complications.
the first visit the day after I already saw 20/20, even was able to read a few letters from the line 20/15. the next visit after having dry eye issues my vision checked in at 20/25 and it all seemed more fuzzy. I'm a little worried since my vision went backwards. I understand it will flactuate but so far it hasn't improved yet. my doc wants to see me again at the 3 week mark since surgery. the dry eye thing has gotten better since my doc plugged up one of the drain tub. of course I'm using lots of drops and supplement with fish oil I being to impatient? anybody else similar experience?
thank you for your kind words. I think I have to be real patient and not worry so much even though at this time it doesn't seem to get better any time soon. it has been 2 weeks and we will just have to wait. I'm at 20/30 which is quite the change from 20/15 which was just 24 hours after the procedure. in the mean time lots of drops and I'm also prescribed Lotamax to preven further inflammation. good luck to you!!

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