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I am 5wks post op and am going in tomorrow for my appointment. Its been a LONG and EXHAUSTING month. My vision has fluctuated so much in the past month and there were times when I thought it would never get better. I was seeing 20/20 the day after surgery we'll see what tomorrow says. However I have learned that dryness has an extreme effect on vision quality. I actually use this Refresh PM ointment type of stuff at night, my doc recommended it and it seems to be helping. The last three days have been the best since the surgery but tonight things blurred up again. Lighting seems to play another big factor, dim indoor lighting always causes me problems. Which pretty much sucks because I work in a radiology department where we dim the lights for scans... but I'm trying to remain positive.....Anyways hang in there (thats what I'm trying to do -even though I worry constantly)! < edited > I could really use a friend who knows what I'm going though and to pass on concerns!

Anyways best of luck try and relax I've let the anxiety consume me for the past month and believe me it doesn't help!


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