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Hi.. Had bladefree lasik on 4/23, went in the next morning for my post op check up and the flap on my left eye had 'moved'. My Dr. repositioned it and put on a contact lens as a bandaid...went back in last Monday and when he removed the contact said the flap was good and I had regained some of my vision. My question/comment is on dry eyes. It is like I have a "film" over my left eye now. I know they are dry and I am using Refresh drops every 15 minutes or so. The filmly sensation is new today and my vision just isn't what I think it should be. Could it be just that my eyes are dry?
I was a -8 in my right eye and -6 in my left with moderate astigmatism before the surgery.

Kinda feel like I am in the "why did I spend money to do this to myself.
I know patience is a virtue but guess maybe I don't have any.

Any insight from anyone who has 'been there' would be greatly appreciated.

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