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Thank you
May 8, 2010
I would like to say thank you for the advise and feedback given on the LASIK message board.

I had Intralase Wavefront LASIK on Thursday just gone in the United Kingdom. Post op 3 days and my vision is improving. Prior to surgery I was -5 with mild astigmatism of -1.75 and -0.75.

I was pretty much naive to the expected overnight results having known people with mild prescriptions having immediate results.

Thursday evening I was regretting putting myself through the LASIK procedure and was getting depressed as circa 8 hours my vision was shockingly bad.

Post-op 1 day, I woke up and immediately looked out of the window to observe the cars opposite to see if I could read their number plates. My left eye was amazingly clear not perfect but instantly gave me relief from the pain and anguish of the previous day.

I went to the optometrist a lot more optimistic and had my eyes duly tested. My right eye was 20/40 whilst my left 20/30. Close up vision was perfect. I made mention that with the eye drops my vision was a lot better but was short lived as the solution dissipated from the eye and was given a different lot. Albeit the new drops are very heavy and require breaking down.

Unfortunately like others have experienced, the quality of my vision drops as the day wears on.

Having Googled and read nearly every Google LASIK result have stumbled upon this website and have found great comfort of the experiences shared by yourselves over the Atlantic :)

I can only look forward to my eyes settling over the coming days, weeks and worse case months and hope my eyesight recovers to give me good results.

My slight doubt I'm left with that I'm hoping that you guys may be able to shed some light is that prior to having LASIK I had all the pre-tests as part of my free consultation.

I was advised I needed to remove my contact lenses a day prior to this. Unfortunately my appointment was 1pm the next day and I removed at 6pm the previous evening. I'm just concious that the LASIK was performed based on the results that may have been slightly affected by not having removed my lenses for a full 24 hour period?

Once I agreed to the procedure I obviously removed my lenses for a full week prior to the operation and asked if my eyesight would be retested explaining the above. I was kinda fobbed off, maybe because it would not be an issue?

It's a bit late to be bringing this up now post-op, but wonder if my settled prescription maybe affected by this cock up on my part? 16 hours.

Thank you all and good evening from the United Kingdom :)

Thank you for reading

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