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I started this thread right after my surgery and wanted to update on how things are going. I am now 10 months post surgery.

Overall I am very happy and my sight is 20/40 on my worst days. A bad day for me is usually just because of dry eyes, but I am no longer carrying around eye drops at all times (like I did for the first 7 months). I do have minor fluctuation in my eyesight still, but nothing like it was the first six months.

With glasses for correction I saw 20/20. On a good day my eyesight is around 20/25. My eyesight has never been as sharp as it was with glasses, but the convenience has outweighed the difference.

One scare in this whole process was my eyesight deterioration when using computers. I like to surf the internet and up to five months after surgery I really had to limit my time spent reading a computer screen. My eyes would tire and get to the point that I was pushing Ctrl + to make text bigger so I could read it. At three months I could only spend about 1-2 hours reading a computer screen before my eyes were fatigued and needed to rest. Once I passed the eight month mark I could browse the net all day long, read an e-book on an android phone and do anything else without any eye fatigue.

Overall I am very happy with the result. I am able to drive at night with no issues. I don't see any halos around lights. I can see moderately well at a distance and I can see excellent up close (which was the most important to me).

Although I would recommend this procedure to other glasses/contacts wearers. If my eyesight deteriorated I would not have the procedure redone due to not wanting to redo the loooong healing process, once was enough.

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