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Update four days after surgery:
[*]This morning I could read the street sign across the street clearly for the first time while taking my dog out.
[*]I have used all 70 of the preservative free Refresh Plus vials that I initially purchased..LOL. I have pretty much used them every 10-15 minutes since my surgery, especially when sitting in front of the computer. It eliminates any straining to see the computer clearly and it makes me feel like I'm helping my eyes.... For the record, my eyes haven't really felt dry, but the drops improve my vision. Bought more drops yesterday and I am going to continue to use them liberally.
[*]I began taking one fish oil caplet per morning and one flax seed oil caplet each night. Don't know that this will do squat, but since my lubricated eyes see 20/20 still I am going to do my best to keep them lubricated.
[*]Bought a sonic humidifier. I let it run while I sleep and it has prevented me from waking up with dry eyes in the morning.
[*]Halos have minimized a lot. I can barely see them now, but they are still barely present. My night driving is the best it has been in 8 years, this is due to my old glasses being eight years old and extremely scratched (this created halos when wearing them).
[*]My eyes have lasted longer each day before feeling strained. Yesterday I used my computer a lot, and my eyes felt very tired around 7pm. When my eyes become strained I have either tried to take a nap or just relaxed them while listening to the TV.
[*]The first two days I had the 'new prescription' feeling that I have experienced in the past every time I got new glasses. Somewhat disoriented and I get a headache due to eyestrain that requires Tylenol. Yesterday I felt like I finally became used to my Lasik view and driving was 10x more comfortable due to my increased vision comfort.
[*]A big plus for me is my improved peripheral vision. My old glasses were essentially two pieces of smaller glass, two ear pieces and a bridge. They looked stylish, but I could see beyond the top, bottom and sides (blurry).

I am excited about the improvement and I am anxious for my eyes to continue healing and be able to have less and less eye strain. Huzzah for Wavefront Lasik :)

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