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I had LASIK surgery last June & July. Both had "ripe" cataracts. My right eye was the dominant,so it's for distance which is now almost 20. The left eye is for reading,so it's not the same. This was a better choice for me. That way I don't have to wear glasses for reading. I was amazed after the right eye was done. I was able to see immediately after the surgery. The left eye took a little longer to get adjusted to. I am tremendously grateful to my wonderful Dr. Kolettis,at the Illinois Eye Center in Peoria,IL. I was told to never use anything but Artificial Tears. But,yes,I do occasionally have blurring,normal!! My peripheral vision is great & no more magnifying glasses to read small print,unless it's super small!! I was so afraid I was going blind,but I've been given a new outlook on life!! Hurrah!!!!

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