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Lasik 2 weeks ago
Jun 14, 2010
I had lasik 2 weeks ago. My original vision was stable at -3.50 and corneas thick. Immediately post op I noted my right eye had "cloudy/blurred" vision, kind of like someone is holding wax paper over my eye. I continue to have the same vision in my right eye, with my left eye improving nicely. I get horrible glares with my right eye making work almost unbearable. I went back to the doctor 3 times and apparently have 20/20 vision. They state that these symptoms of blurriness and glaring should subside. I repeatedly hear stories from my coworkers that they could see just fine the day after lasik. I'm beginning to get concerned. I use only preserative free drops and was started on Restasis. Anyone else have these symptoms? Thoughts, encouragement, blunt truth?

My vision has improved. I'm seeing 20/20. I still have glaring at night when I drive, but it is better. I still continue to have problems with my right eye. At times it will seem fine with just a bit of blurriness and then the next moment I still have a haze over it (like a dirty contact or a piece of wax paper covering it). I did try Restasis, unsure if it really helped. I stopped because it is $. My eyes continue to be dry (big improvement though) and I mainly notice this only when I wake up. My biggest annoyance now is "floaters". I had them prior to lasik, but they have definitely gotten worse post lasik. My next f/u appt is the beginning of Sept. I doubt I would have any type of re-enhancement surgery. I'm hoping most of the symptoms subside within the 6 month period of "healing".

It is a s-l-o-w process. No one ever really explains that to you when you first get lasik. I know lasik isn't perfect, but if I can go the next 10 years without contacts or glasses - it will be worth it.

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