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Lasik 2 weeks ago
Jun 14, 2010
I had lasik 2 weeks ago. My original vision was stable at -3.50 and corneas thick. Immediately post op I noted my right eye had "cloudy/blurred" vision, kind of like someone is holding wax paper over my eye. I continue to have the same vision in my right eye, with my left eye improving nicely. I get horrible glares with my right eye making work almost unbearable. I went back to the doctor 3 times and apparently have 20/20 vision. They state that these symptoms of blurriness and glaring should subside. I repeatedly hear stories from my coworkers that they could see just fine the day after lasik. I'm beginning to get concerned. I use only preserative free drops and was started on Restasis. Anyone else have these symptoms? Thoughts, encouragement, blunt truth?
Have you seen improvement with your glare problem? I am now 6 weeks post Lasik, and have been experiencing something very similar to what you did - also in my right eye. The dr.'s office has assessed my vision in the R eye as 20/20, and 20/15 in the left. My explanation of the glare in the right eye is like looking through a dirty contact. Bright light sources look "smudged", and the edges around the computer screen or TV seem to "bleed" over rather than have crisp edges. This effect has been present since the day after surgery, and has gotten slightly better, but still obviously there. Today I had a six week follow up, and brought this up as a concern. The Dr. said because it is still early in the healing process, it should continue to improve. I'm also starting Restasis (getting it tomorrow). Did you find that it helped you out?

My vision has improved. I'm seeing 20/20. I still have glaring at night when I drive, but it is better. I still continue to have problems with my right eye. At times it will seem fine with just a bit of blurriness and then the next moment I still have a haze over it (like a dirty contact or a piece of wax paper covering it). I did try Restasis, unsure if it really helped. I stopped because it is $. My eyes continue to be dry (big improvement though) and I mainly notice this only when I wake up. My biggest annoyance now is "floaters". I had them prior to lasik, but they have definitely gotten worse post lasik. My next f/u appt is the beginning of Sept. I doubt I would have any type of re-enhancement surgery. I'm hoping most of the symptoms subside within the 6 month period of "healing".

It is a s-l-o-w process. No one ever really explains that to you when you first get lasik. I know lasik isn't perfect, but if I can go the next 10 years without contacts or glasses - it will be worth it.

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