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[QUOTE=guy448;5102892]They missed a mark? Are we talking about zapping on some machine or human eyes and life, there should not bi missable anything considering the way serious procedure is presented and its been done for 20 year, nothing should be missed. Problem is, reality is far from marketing and all superior machines with ultra super reading etc. And no, eyes do not settle for 6 months, that is one trick of theirs, they say 6 months because they want your brain to adjust to new vision, problem is if vision is so bad, you can only adjust to it by blowing your brains our or having good psychatrist.[/QUOTE]

Actually, it can take that long, at least according to a good friend of mine who is an eye surgeon. I'm six weeks out and they are still changing though not much any more.

When I say they "missed the mark", that has to do with the fact that everyone's cornea reacts differently to the laser. Every laser clinic will tell you there is a 5-15% chance they won't hit it perfectly. That's why there are some doctors now who do the procedure in two steps. After the first half, they know how your cornea reacts and then they perform the second half adjusting for how the particular patient's cornea reacts.

I think where many clinics are negligent is that they don't tell you all the other possible side effects that you might have permanently (floaters, dry eyes) and that they don't really inform you that the lasik flap never really fully heals.

However, as far as contrast is concerned, I had contrast issues at first too, which is not uncommon, but they went away as soon as I got glasses to correct the slight farsightedness that I now have.

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