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[QUOTE=CuriousPatient;4275122]Too late for a second opinion. I screwed up having this done to begin with. I can't begin to tell you what a mistake I've made... and why would any doctor recommend lasik on someone with only 20/60, knowing full well he'd ruin the near sight in the process. I had the surgery redone and I can see near now with my left eye, but only 6 inches in front of me. I can no longer see a computer screen which is a foot to 1-1/2 feet in front of me and reading glasses don't help my left/bad eye.... they only work in the right eye. So now I have to pop the lense out of the left side of all my reading glasses. My far sight in the left eye is now worse than it was before I had any of this done, so I will now need a more powerful prescription for distance than I originally used.

Lack of research on my part... probably, but I also relied too much on word of mouth from people I know who had it done and raved about it, not to mention 3 of my favorite radio show hosts as well, who had it done when it first came out many years ago, and to this day, still rave about it. It's a number of things, and of course, trusting the eye doctor as well. I screwed up royally and now I'm screwed. It's a very very expensive lesson I learned. I paid to ruin the sight in one of my eyes. I should have just left well enough alone. :(

P.S. The doctor didn't really explain how I went from 20/60 to 20/80, but he seemed very concerned about getting me back in right away to re-do it, probably because he knew he messed up. Who knows. This doctor has a very good reputation in the field and my family has gone to him over the years, so that's why I went to him. Sigh[/QUOTE]

It took my eyes almost 6 weeks to get to 20/40 then another 4 weeks to get to 20/20. But I had PRK done which takes longer to heal and your vision to hone in. I dont know if you had PRK done but if you did, I'd wait atleast 2 full months to see some kind of improvement and atleast 6 months to see clearly.

PS... If you get PRK done complain about the pain, keep complaining tell them you can't sleep at night, tell them you curl up like a shrimp and they will prescribe you some percocet like they did for me. And for the couple of weeks post surgery you wil have a constant smile on your face. =)

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