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Totally understand the over thinking it and worrying.... vision is SOOO important and when you've gone through such a scary thing as surgery on your eyes, it's hard NOT to question if you've done the right thing!!!

Go back and read my older posts here on the boards. My story is fairly typical. I bought into all the "next day perfect vision" ads and was horribly disappointed in my post lasik results at first. It took several months before my vision cleared up.....

I can't remember how long it was before I actually put my eyes in water after my surgery, but I recall being told I only had to wait 7 days. It took a good couple of years before I got brave enough to open my eyes underwater in the swimming pool, but that's just because I was too chicken!

As far as the tears go, I'd double up on how much you use them right now, and keep at it for at least another several weeks. My left eye was blurry for a long time, and I found out it was due to being too dry, although I had no idea, because it didn't feel dry at all. After I doubled up on the tears, my vision slowly started to improve.

I don't think there's anything wrong with working out at all. Spending too much time on the computer, work that involves small details (like sewing and stuff), reading (especially small print), writing, video games, even watching tv..... those are all examples of things you might avoid doing too much of while your eyes are still healing. That's not to say don't do those things, but do limit the time you might spend doing them.

Anyway.... hope this helps some! :)

OH! One more thing.... you might write out a list of questions and take it with you to ask your doctor next week!

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