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Blurry Distance
Jul 21, 2010
Hello i had lasik done 5 weeks ago, cant say im impressed wasnt as pain free and super as they say, maybe i expected too much, i had long distance done(well thats what we paid for) only the very far distance has no clarity and i can see perfect close up. i was told i would have to wear glasses for reading, but i have perfect vision now close up, they dont seem to have any answers at the surgery just keep saying its normal as your eyes need 6 months to heal. my problem at mo is i have perfect vision if wear sunglasses, the bright sun causes me to get a distance blur! has anyone else suffered from this, i was also told by surgery as i can read the letters on the board i may not be intitled to the enhancement. which am bit annoyed about and worried was told in beginning when taking your money if site not as accurate as i wanted i would get a second go for free.just worried my distance blurr isnt going to go like they keep telling me...:(

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