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Lasik complications
Jul 28, 2010
hi, I had Lasik a week ago and could see perfectly within about 8 hours of my surgery. When I went back the next day for my check-up, my vision in both eyes was 20/15. During my checkup, the doctor noticed an eyelash stuck in my cornea (right eye) and indicated that he needed to flush it out with saline. What he actually ended up doing was re-opening the incision and flushing it out (he did not mention re-opening the incision). Since then, my vision in the right eye has been just as bad if not worse as before my surgery. My prescription was -1.50 in both eyes and now I can only see clearly out of my left eye. The right one is completely blurry and unfocused. When I try to read, it is very uncomfortable and I can't focus very well on the words. I have to cover the right eye to focus on anything. I have been using the saline and antibiotic drops so it should not be an issue of dry eye. The doctor said that the eye is taking time to heal but if the left eye healed so quickly, why am I experiencing issues with my right? I am just so upset and wish I had not had this surgery. I am having splitting headaches in my right eye which I assume must be due to the discrepancy in vision. If anyone can offer any advice I'd really appreciate it.

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