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i recently got prk eye surgery july 25th so it's been about 6 weeks or so. i know it is normal to have vision flucuate and have trouble seeing at night in the beginning. . but lately since i've started back at work i notice that as the day goes on my vision definitely gets worse. it's blurry and it just gets really annoying. at my one month appt i was able to see some letters at 20/20 but i feel like i only see 20/20 sometimes. it's definitely not constant.
has anyone had prk and had a similar experience? every time i ask my dr. he says that it's normal.. and i knew the process would be gradual which im ok with. i'm just hoping that my vision will become more stable at some point. id like to hear from someone who has also had this surgery to hear their experience.
any feedback from someone who has had prk would be helpful! :)
thanks in advance! :wave:

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