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I had lasik eye surgery on Wed and went for my 1 day check today and things are great. It is not really clear yet but better than it was and even my close up is better. I am quite happy so far and the people at the clinic were great . I have to go and get some drops thought and they gave me 2 perscriptions and must get some non perservative tears and want to know what brands you like best.
I use Refresh
i use systane ultra
The best is Refresh Endura which I still use.... I don't believe this is sold in the US anymore.... I got it from a Canadian pharmacy.
hey tom, what advice would you have for all the people like me who ended up with massive starbursts, halos, dry eyes and undercorections? im sure you would put us in the success category!
I use Refresh Optive Sensitive, preservative free in individual vials. Granted I have tried nothing else because that is what my doctor advised I use, but I haven't had any problems with it.

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