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Post-Lasik Anxiety
Nov 4, 2010
I'm not really looking for anyone to blow smoke but I am having some very unexpected anxiety with my lasik.

I thought I had done my research and knew the complications and, all in all, my surgery and results have gone well. I had my surgery just over two months ago and basically everything is good - just a little dry eye discomfort, but not even as bad as what I've been reading. Usually drops in the morning and evening cover me.

I figured vision deteriorates as you age anyway so I would probably end up with reading glasses or something after my surgery but it had to be better than what I was at (-5.75 to -6.25) and deteriorating from there. I really felt like I had realistic expectations.

I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but some how in all of my researching I didn't realize that the flap doesn't really heal. Since I've found that out I have been having such anxiety about it. I worry about rubbing my eyes all the time. It keeps me awake thinking about it and when I do sleep I have dreams about the flap falling off.

I just went to my doctor for the 2 month follow up and he said everything looked great. I even told him about my flap issues and he explained how it's still connected and he's never had one fall off and he has plenty of soccer players etc. Logically, I know that it is so unlikely for it to happen but I am still freaked out about it.

I think part of it was I didn't really know my "real" eyes. I am 30 and have been in glasses and contacts for 20 years. Before when my eyes would feel tired I would just pop my contacts out and they felt better with glasses. Now when they feel tired they're just tired. I think maybe I blamed too much on my contacts.

Anyway, I know I'm rambling but I guess after another midnight troll on the Internet and all I was seeing is people having problems and regretting their surgeries I just needed to share (or have a god sob but I don't really think that would be too productive).

I just am so used to researching and doing the right thing that all this second guessing is really getting to me. I know it's too late now and I just have to deal with it and whatever happens in the future but I can't help having thoughts like maybe I should have done the PRK instead? (I don't have thin corneas but my doctor said I was a candidate for either. I think if I had realized the flap thing I would have gone the PRK route but I didn't really see that as a viable choice since it seemed like PRK is what people got who weren't good Lasik candidates.)

Ahh, more rambling, thanks for hearing me out,


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