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20 month update
Nov 25, 2010
It has now been 20 months since I had intralase and just thought I would post results. My vision is really pretty good. Not perfect, but very good. Some days are better than others. I still see improvements even though it has been more than a year and a half. Every day is different. Some days my vision is very sharp, other days a little blurry (as in undercorrected). To be fair, my vision also was not perfect with glasses or contacts. Some days were very good, others not so good.

The healing process can be a real roller-coaster. Lots of ups and downs. There were times, 6-8 months, post op, that my doc and me thought of a touch-up. But I decided not to do an "enhancement" and instead wait. It paid off. I really did not want the flap disturbed.

Keep in mind that most people, that is, most that are likely to post on this board, are here to post about disappointments. When things are going well, why bother to check the LASIK posts? I have had my days of wishing that I had never had LASIK but with time and healing, my vision is really pretty good. Not perfect, mind you, but MUCH better than it was before. I guess when you spend $4000 or so, you expect perfect vision.

And I knew about the flap issue. Never really heals. And I was concerned at first, not anymore. I have at times, really "cranked" (rubbed) on my eyes, sometimes while sleeping and not realizing what I was doing and never has it dislodged or disturbed the flap in any way that I can perceive.

So, just thought I would share my experience. My vision is not perfect after LASIK but it is within my expectations (set Real). I am an engineer so I thoroughly analyze just about everything (its a curse ;-)). Overall, I am happy with the decision to get LASIK and would do it again given the same circumstances.

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