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This is a bit long-winded, so if you want to get right to the point just skip to the last paragraph and the numbered questions.

After two separate consultations at different clinics, both of which deemed me as an excellent candidate Lasik, I went ahead with the operation.

I had the flap created using the latest 150 kHz femtosecond laser (intralase) and had the custom wavefront guided correction using the Allegretto eximer laser. I flew to another city so that I could have the procedure done by one of the most experienced and well-respected refractive eye surgeons in the world.

Both during and immediately after the procedure, the doctor and his staff kept reassuring me that the surgery was going perfectly. After it was done, the doctor said that the surgery went flawlessly and sent me on my way home.

I went home relieved that the surgery had went well. When I woke up the following morning I still couldn't see at all and began to get a little concerned.

My follow-up visit the next day was done by a different doctor than the one who had performed the surgery. She informed me that I had a minor complication called Epithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy. When my eyebrows raised up and I had the WTF?!?! expression on my face she asked me "oh? the doctor didn't explain this to you last night?".... I was shocked

It is now one week after surgery and my vision has indeed improved from near-blindness to just blurry and hazy vision. In my one-week follow up visit I was able to make out the letters at 20/40 but they were extremely blurry and I was barely able to make them out. I tried asking questions but I felt like the doctor was just dismissing my concerns and trying to rush me out of his office. My eyes are still very bloodshot. I can read signs at a distance but my vision is still too blurry for me to feel confident driving. The doctors at this institute kept reassuring me that this complication is minor and to just give it time to heal and that my vision will eventually become crisp and clear and that I will most likely improve to 20/20 vision. I'm willing to be patient and I want to take the doctors at their word, but the paranoid person in me wants a second opinion. Basically, my concerns can be summarized in the following questions:

1. Will this complication affect the final results of the procedure? Can I indeed expect to improve to 20/20 once I'm fully healed as the doctors keep telling me? or does EBMD typically result in unfavorable outcomes?

2. Does EBMD typically result in weaker flap adhesion? Being involved in many diffferent full contact sports I need to be re-assured that the flap will be just as strong as if I didn't have EBMD

3. How long should I expect the healing to take? I realize that everyone heals at their own pace, but I'm unable to take an indefinite vacation from work. My vision does seem to be improving every day but only by very very tiny, miniscule margins.

Thanks for any input.

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