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[QUOTE=KazRemark;4788231]I just got all laser lasik, and had a very similar experience as you did. During the operation on my right eye the doctor realized that I had EBMD, and applied a contact lens bandage after finishing that eye. I am not on day 6 post operation and my vision is still very blurry in that eye. The doctors tell me it is all healing well and I need to be patient, and I want to believe them but I am kind of freaked out by this situation. Can you let me know how your experience progressed, since we seem to have had very similar outcomes? Much appreciated...[/QUOTE]

Hi Kaz.

After my surgery it took about 3 weeks for the haze to clear completely. It was probably the worst 3 weeks of my life. I know exactly how you must be feeling. I had EBMD in both eyes and was essentially blind and unable to function for the first week or so after the surgery.

The stress and worry was almost unbearable at times, especially during the first two weeks. But it's just as your doctor said, you just need to be patient and give it time to heal. And make sure to use preservative-free drops very frequently and never let your eyes get dry. I spent a fortune on drops in the first couple of weeks as I was using them pretty much every 45 min - 1 hour. The blur should gradually and incrementally disappear over the next couple of weeks until it's completely gone.

It has now been almost 6 months since the surgery and I'm pleased to report that my vision is great in both eyes and I'm loving life without glasses!

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