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Hello! I had lasik 8 days ago. Ever since the operation my left eye has been perfect but I have a constant disconfort in my right eye, like there is a lash in there. In the two follow-ups after the op the doctor (he said I was 20/20)said that discomfort was normal, but now that I am back at work in front of a computer all day, the pain in the right eye has increased significantly, its is not just like a lash in there, it is more like pain and and I even have strong headaches. Is this normal? Should I worry? I am afraid that I had rub my right eyer too strong while sleeping.. could that be the problem? Please help, I am scared! Many thanks
The worst thing you can do is stress.
But I had my Lasik a week ago and was told that I may have similar issues but thankfully I do not.
I would however recommend calling your Dr and talking to him about your concerns.
I have exactly same problem...left eye perfect vision, right eye not perfect but close...i had my operation 01.02.2012. couple of days ago i felt first discomfort and now it is like slight pain in my eyeball, something like preasure andi also think that i rubbed my right eye in sleep...have you been to the doctor...???what happened with you...please respond, thank you...
I had exactly the same problem...left vision perfect right not so started like discomfort few days ago...and now it is more like slight pain in the the eyeball or more like preasure...i also think that started when i rubbed my eye during sleep...what happend with your eye...???please respond i am in panic...
Please dont panic. I was so afraid that I can hear you, but it turned out well. Essentially, my eyes got way too dry after the operation and the refresh tears the Doctor recommended were not enough. I went to a different doctor, she put me on Restasis, and after the treatment I am much better. Nonetheless, and after almost ayear from theteratment, I have to use tears at leat 6 times a day to feel ok. No doubt my eyes will be dry forever, but after restasis is manageable. Good luck :)
Caslav, has your doctor looked at you since you rubbed your eye? I bumped my eye accidentally yesterday 5 days after the procedure and I went in just to have him look to make sure I didn't displace the flap. Well, I did displace the flap, and apparently the one in my other eye was displaced, too. He had to lift both my flaps up and reposition them, and then he put contacts over them, which I get removed tomorrow. It was another procedure where I had to close my eyes for 4 hours.

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