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I had my Lasik down just over a week ago.
Vision was great, no bluriness, little dryness, the worst part was the halo's.
It was a bit difficult driving at night. However, it already seems to be improving and I dont know about others but I saw halos before I had lasik and now they are only slightly worse than before I had lasik.
I will say though that I was told my pupils are very small in between 3-4mm and this would reduce my issue with halos.

Even with the halos as bad as they were initially, I was still happy I did lasik and honestly could not have hoped for better results.

I did do research, and went to one of the TOP 50 Lasik Dr's in the US as well as one of the TOP doctors in Los Angeles where unfortunately the cost was unfortunately a bit higher than many other of the Dr's in Los Angeles. However, I rather not discount my vision.

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