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OMG, did you actually say out loud, "Why couldn't I have been turned down?"

Honestly, I'm not that disappointed anymore. I have an appointment with my eye doctor on Saturday and will be getting new contacts. I'm going to work with her to get these fitted properly.

I put the contacts back on yesterday. I wasn't about to wear the glasses when I no longer have to! They wanted me out of my contacts for three weeks prior to the consultation visit because they want to make sure the corneas are back to normal.

Makes me wonder how many places do NOT do that before the tests and that could be why people aren't getting satisfying results? I also wonder how many places check your eyes again before they do the procedure. What if they changed again after the initial tests were done?

Regret Eyes, I thought of you a lot the last few weeks and wondered if I was doing the right thing. But, at least I found out.

I'll tell you, what you hear on the Internet and what these places tell you in person are two different things. The people I talked to at work who had Lasik said they were wearing makeup on that Monday following the surgery (three days after). But, I was told that you can't for two weeks! Nobody talks about this. For a woman who wears makeup every single day, that's pretty tramautizing having to go to work without her "face" on.

Nobody on the internet has mentioned being "down" for a week after having PRK. These people make it sound as if they were doing everything normally after two or three days.

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