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I had my lasik surgery done on January 14th. It went very well. I picked one of the best surgeons in the country to do it. The first three days I barely had any dryness and was seeing really well. Gradually, however, I started to notice that my far vision was getting blurry and my eyes were starting to feel irritated.

I suffer from an anxiety condition that is only triggered when I feel "trapped" somehow. Each day my eyes were feeling more and more irritated and getting more and more blurry to the point where I was feeling super uncomfortable. I followed the doctors instructions to the letter, although I will admit that on the two days I was feeling good, I neglected to put in my drops the way I was supposed to. I also on two occasions used my infra red spa, which I use for detoxing. It wasn't on my Don't Do List given to me by the doctor, but it was probably stupid to do and contributed to my eyes getting dryer, which fueled this whole cycle.

Last night I had a friend over and was feeling very anxious because of how my eyes were feeling. I went to bed after putting in my drops and woke up at 1:00 a.m. with the lids stuck together with this gunk. I totally freaked and had a panic attack. I called the doctor at 1:30 and he quickly returned my call and told me to meet him at his office at 8:00.

I left at 4:00 a.m. I was so freaked out. I was thinking the most scary things, like I'm going to be stuck in this state forever, I'm going to develop chronic dry eye, etc. When they opened the facility I was actually in tears I was so anxious. The doctor came soon after and did a full exam. He said that my flap looked awesome and was healing nicely, my cornea was smooth and unscarred, everything was fine. The only thing he saw was a "little dryness." He told me not to worry and proceeded to seal all of my tear ducts, which immediately made me feel better. Twenty minutes later my vision started to improve. I went home, went to bed and woke up with my eyes feeling dry. An hour later they felt wet again and have been like this the whole time. I went to the store and was seeing absolutely perfectly. It was as if I had my glasses. I couldn't believe the difference.

My doctor actually called me to check up on me in the afternoon. I told him I was feeling great. My eyes were watery, but better watery than feeling dry. I don't know why doctors don't just plug everybody's ducts while they are healing from the surgery. That's the key to everything it seems because if they eyes are dry the cause irritation which in turn causes blurriness.

I don't know how I'm going to wake up tomorrow, but I'm hopeful that I will continue to feel that my eyes are nice and wet, which will contribute to my eyes healing faster. When he states that my eyes no longer look dry, I'll take the chance and have all the plugs taken out.

Thanks for reading.

I had an excellent day yesterday. Before I went to bed last night I took three things with plenty of time in between. One is a medication that creates tears that I'm supposed to take two times per day. The other one is a steroid and the third was Gentel Eye Gel, which is supposed to really be great for dry eyes. The tear creating med wasn't a problem. No adverse affects, the steroid seemed really strong, it gave me this sense of fullness in my head. I can't really explain it. About an hour later before I went to bed I took the Gentel Eye Gel and and it kind of burned. I laid down on my back and it continued to burn. I fell asleep and woke up about 2:00 with my eyes red, crusty and irritated. It was really uncomfortable so I got a wash towl soaked it in really cold water and laid it over my face, which really helped. I wasn't able to get back to bed. Around 5:00 I started having this sensation of something being in my left eye; like a hair or something. A couple of hours later I took the tear creating medication and about 30 minutes later the feeling went away. I decided to take a shower and go to work early because I felt anxious. All the way to work my left eye felt fine, but my right one was burning. What's weird is when I got to work I got out to sign in and the cool air just seemed to make both eyes almost feel normal. My vision is actually really good considering the fact that my eyes are irritated and watery because my ducts are plugged. I just don't get this.

Could I be allergic to the medications? Or could they be interacting with each other in a negative way? I've always been a super healthy eater and work out almost every day. Is it normal to have this level of discomfort two weeks post Lasik? I'm seeing my opthomologist tomorrow. I'm thinking of just suspending everything until I see him. Other than wetting drops/tears, is it really that important to continue taking the heavy duty medications like the steroid? I've already been taking it two weeks. It seems like my body is telling me something. Right now I wish I never did this surgery.

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