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Hi all,

I had lasik done just under 3 weeks ago. Its been a roller coaster since then. Here's my story so far.

I've been nearsighted as long as I can remember. Glasses from about 6 years old, contacts at 14. My eyes were pretty bad -8.5 with -.75 astigmatism in the left, and -7.5 with -1.25 in the right. I had been considering lasik for a long time, but being the conservative person I am, I never felt the risk was worth it. I wore my lenses all day, rarely had an issue, and saw really well with them, and would take them out at night before bed.

Over the last few years, it became more difficult to wear them, especially in my right eye. Something just didn't feel right. I felt like I wasn't seeing great with my lens in, and my eye was always irritated. I came to find out I had a condition called GPC. I stopped lenses for about 2 months, then tried again, and it wasn't any better. With glasses I was seeing pretty well, but with absolutely no peripheral vision, and not great night vision either.

So I had a decision to make, and after lots of research I found a really good dr in my area and went for it. I knew about the side effects going in, and was ok with the risk, since I knew I couldn't wear contacts anymore. I had custom wavefront lasik with the allegretto laser and a blade flap.

You read/hear all the stories about how people have the surgery and instantly see well, and then the next day they are with perfect vision and working and driving. Well for me, it was instantly an improvement after surgery. I could see faces, I could even read an exit sign about 10 feet away. But it was still very blurry, and a far cry from the stories you hear/read.

They told me to close my eyes for about 4 hours, try and sleep and when I wake up use drops, and then keep rewetting the eyes every 15 minutes.

When I got home I layed down for awhile. After about 4 hours I opened my eyes, and wow. My right was seeing pretty well, but my left was pretty blurry. Still I could see, nowhere near 20/20 like people claim, but well enough to function. I ate some dinner, watched some TV and went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning my right eye had cleared up even more, the left felt odd, like something was over it obscuring it, but not. It was very strange, and I was freaking out. Maybe if both eyes were blurry I would have felt better.

I stupidly went to work that day. I could barely read the computer screen, my left couldn't read it at all. I was totally depressed. I went back to the doc for a follow up, and they told me I was 20/40 in the left, 20/60 in the right. That made no sense to me, since the left was really blurry. They told me it was normal, and that I should expect especially blurry vision for a week at least.

I decided that I would try and be patient, but its difficult to do so when it is your eyes. Over the next few days my left eye got better, eventually surpassing my right. By the following Monday ( 5 days post op ), my left eye was seeing the computer screen pretty well and I could actually focus at work for the most part.

However there were still some major issues. In my low light office, I had trouble with dark objects against light objects, like people next to computer screens. I was also getting some bad ghosting, and haloing, and star bursting of lights. I was told these were to be expected, but I guess I wasn't expecting them to be as bad as they were. They were pretty bad. I drove myself home from work that night ( probably shouldn't have ), and that was rough. Again I was pretty depressed. Would this ever get better? Did I make a mistake? What have I done? Were all questions that went through my head.

Over the next week my night vision improved a bit, but is still not what I'd consider great, especially on roads where there isn't a lot of light. Freeway driving was pretty good, but if cars are far away and I don't have a close light source, the star bursting and blurriness is still quite bad.

At my 1 week checkup I had 20/25 vision, my left eye was really clear, and the right was just a little less so. I told the doc about all the side effects I still had, and he reassured me they were normal, and would resolve over 3 months.

By the next weekend I spend some time outside, and I realize that my outside vision is quite good, amazing in fact. At least as well as I ever saw with contacts. I have some slight light sensitivity without sunglasses, but nothing major, and both eyes feel really good outside. No side effects at all. Indoors, and especially in dark rooms or outside things still aren't great. But I figure it will get better with time, and I just need to be patient.

The next Monday morning almost 2 weeks post op, I wake up, and I am seeing really well. As I'm getting my son ready for school he accidentally pokes me in the eye!! I start to flip out, did he dislodge the flap? Is this going to be a setback? My eye is a bit sore, and blurry, but after a few hours it seems back to what it was, and so I calm down about that.

During the week it seems my right eye regresses a bit, either that or my left eye got sharper. When inside I notice a feeling of unevenness while seeing. I don't really notice it in the sunlight, but indoors it's definitely there. I now wonder if the eye is regressing, or if it just didn't work as well on the right eye. Luckily I'm left eye dominant, so its not super distracting, but it is distracting.

Well here I am almost 3 weeks post op. I'm seeing about 20/20 in my left eye, and 20/30 or so in the right. The worst side effects so far are the ghosting and blurring of light colored objects in low light. Also brake lights and traffic lights starburst in low light as well. In really low light it can be quite bad still.

Other things of note. When watching TV I'll sometimes see the outline of a face right next to the actual face when there is a dark background. I had pretty bad dry eyes the first 2 weeks, especially when I'd wake up in the morning. Now they don't usually feel dry or irritated, although I still try and put drops in every hour or so since its supposed to help healing.

I get eye strain at the end of the day, but I used to with contacts, and now I can't take them out, so I just have to deal with it. I think its just something I'll have to adapt to. Also since my left eye is better than my right, that is probably contributing to the eye strain. Hopefully the right can get a bit closer to the left over time, or at least I can get used to that.

Due to my age ( almost 40 ), the doc said I might have trouble reading, but so far no trouble at all reading after the first 10 days ( the first few days I could see far but really struggled with reading ).

So at this point I'd have to say its been mostly a success, I'm not totally happy yet, at least not till the ghosting gets a bit better, and my eyes feel more comfortable together. But at the same time I can function. I can do everything I need to do without glasses and for that part I am grateful. If I can get to the point where I see as well indoors as I do out, I'll be quite pleased as my outdoor vision is better than it ever was with glasses.

It has been scary and frustrating at times, and I'm still not out of the woods yet. Some days are better than others, and I still wonder if I made a mistake, if I'll have long term success, if the ghosting will go away, if the right eye will get clearer, if I'll revert in the left eye. But I remain hopeful that since I'm still not yet 3 weeks out, and it can take up to 6 months these issues will resolve over time.

If someone would have told me exactly what I would go through, I probably would have been a bit more prepared for the recovery. They tell you, but they don't tell you the details, and how bad it might be, and how long it really takes, and exactly what to expect.

I hate when people don't keep up with their results after posting with issues, so I will update this over time hopefully with some good news.

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