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i wanted to post my Lasik story & update it to help those who woke up with less than perfect vision as i did & who didnt really get the answers they wanted from the doc. I found this site & others who have had similar experiences. Reading their stories made me feel better. So, here we go. I am post op day #2. we will start @ the beginning. after surgery, i slept my 4 hrs. & woke up with bad halo in the right eye. bluriness in both. could see up close great with left eye & far off great with right eye, together they were off to say the least. i could see a lot better after surgery than i could had i not had my glasses on with no surgery. that was great, but i expected more. i was told that i could return to work the next day, yada-yada. anyway, day 1 post op, no change. i did watch a movie yesterday with pretty good quality. today, post op day 2. different story. i woke up with no halo in the right eye(grateful), but increased bluriness in both eyes. i guess it is one step forward & two steps back, lol. gotta joke about it to keep my nerves in check. today i cant read as well as i could yesterday & have to sit closer to the tv. BUMMER! but hopefully it is a good sign that the halo is gone & i am seeing changes. means my cornea is trying to return to normal(i hope). if i go outside, my vision is a lot better than inside. it doesnt help that we have had a snow & everyhting is extremely white & bright either. anyway, i think this is a good stress releiver for me to post my thoughts on this procedure. i go back for a 1 wk. check up on friday. we will see. hope i havent bored anybody to death with my insecurities, just need to feel a little normal right now. :)
went 4 my 1 week post op visit. doc says i got 20/15 on left & 20/20 on right. yold him i was glad they were perfect by the standard measure of reading an eye chart one eye @ a time but that both eyes open did not appear 2 b so. he got mad & me. i told himi felt like i received myopia surgery where they make one eye slightly farsighted & the other slightly nearsighted so u have some good vision up close & soke far away. ke got mad again & said you cant compare one eye to the other, your eyes work together not alone. was not happy with his bedside manner as a health care professional would say. WTH! i just payed him to cut on my eyes, the least he could do is b nice. after all it is my eyes & he cn only tell me what is supose to happen. he cant see through them. anyway, overall, i have seen improvements since my last post though. found out that my antibiotic flarex was causing a lot of the 24/7 haziness in my right eye. it is tons better now. still a light haze though. it bugs me that things arent very sharp or crisp either. but, it is what it is & i will cont. to be hopeful that all will end with me seeing the way i did with my glasses/contacts vs. what the chart says.

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