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Hi All,

Am new member here on this wonderful platform. :)

I want to share with you all, my exp with Lasek so far. If I remember I undergone the LASEK surgery way back in June '01 when it was newly introduced. I wasn't an ideal candidate for Lasik cuz' of my thin cornea, it was around 450 Microne. So my doc suggested me to wait for some time as he was about to go to Italy for training of this new technique called LASEK.

My no before surgery was around -4.5D in both eyes. Doc decided to treat my one eye at a time and other one after two weeks. Surgery was almost painless but I had terrible time after surgery for almost a week or so due to allergy I devloped for the contact lenses which are generally applied after LASEK treatment for safety. He changed them couple of times in 2-3 days after surgery. After surgery, on next day follow up I got almost 6/6 in the eye but later it decreased to 6/9 and then settled somewhere between it. He said I would require -0.25 galsses that doesn't make any difference.

After 6 month follow up my eye sight was stable with few minor issues like mild dry eyes, blurry vision sometimes and focusing issues but it was all acceptable. I'm allergic to pollens and dust so whenever it hits, eyes get drier and vision becomes blurry on those days.

Last year when I had some medical test for immigration purpose, my eyes got examined and I was socked when doc said u have developed again myopia and you should use glasses of around -2D. I was in depression that day and decided to contact the doc who operated me. When he checked my eyes he said you're not able to see clear due to dry eyes and blurriness. He prescribed me Systane drops and said no worries your eyes are still 6/9 and now if I prescribe ur number it will be around -0.50D and it's not required cuz' if you use it now your reading glass no will come faster. So I decided not to use it.

Now Last month I again visited the doctor and again after checking my eyes he said it's still 6/9 and you need not to worry. Though vision is not that sharp and crisp and a bit blurry too but its ok am in IT field so it's kinda manageable. I'm 32 as of now and happy that I spent my golden years without being geek like. :D

All in all am happy with my Lasek result and I would recommend Lasek and new technique Ep-lasik over old Lasik. It takes more time in healing but after surgery complications are less and its long lasting too.

ps: I still wonder how come that doc at time of medical test, wrongly checked my eyes when I was able to read 4th line from last (6/9) with a lil effort??


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