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This is my story of my femtosecond LASIK eye surgery. If you have any questions, please ask. I will update this thread as time goes by.

About a month and a half ago I decided to call up a company that is leading in Scandinavia in laser eye surgery. I wanted to know if I would be a candidate to have the surgery or not, since I had been thinking about getting it for quite a few years but it's very expensive. If I wasn't a candidate I wanted to know so I wouldn't have to think about the possibility for the rest of my life :-P
When I called them I thought I would get a consultation the same week. I actually had to wait almost a month to get the consultation booking.

The consultation was done March 3rd. The doctor read and checked my eyes in lots of different machines (5-7 different ones) and also had me try to read the letters on the wall with different correcting glasses. He told me about the different procedures and the pros and cons of each one. He told me that the readings showed that I my (I don't know the word in english, cornea / epithelia?) was thick enough so I could choose whichever of the procedures I'd like, but he would say that FS-Lasik would be quicker and the healing is much less painful, while the risk of infection is smaller when having a LASEK.
I'm not a big fan on pain, but I'm very careful and won't put myself in any unnecessary risk and always follow doctors orders - so I said I would prefer a FS-Lasik. We talked some more on what my expectations were and what would be appropriate to expect and what would happen if my expectations were not met. What would happen if there were complications. He was very nice and explained everything in a simple way yet detailed, and answered all my questions in a fullfilling way.
I later booked a date to have the surgery on March 18th (today). He said if I wanted to back out I could at any point until the laser is on, and if I had any questions to call, email or visit them to have my questions answered.

In the time that followed I read a lot about other peoples experiences and watched a lot of videos on youtube about the different procedures as well as videos and stories about surgeries with complications. I had a couple of questions for the clinic and emailed them a few times and called them once and was satisfied with the answers I got.

Before the surgery I was not allowed to wear contacts for at least 3 days. On the day of surgery I wouldn't wear contacts, makeup of any kind, facial creams of any kind, or perfume.
I was told to have eat something before I came in to the clinic since I was going to be given a pill to relax and that the medicine wasn't good to take on an empty stomach. So I had a big breakfast this morning and then packed my sunglasses, put my hair in a ponytail and had curby grips to keep the hair away from my face since I was worried about getting hair in my eyes after the surgery. Then I went to the clinic.

When I came there I was given some information and a bag of eye drops (numbing eye drops, antibiotic eyedrops and tear substitute) and the pill to calm me down. I had some time to sit, take the pill, read through the material (I had gotten all this information before as well, so nothing new just making sure I remembered). After a while a girl came to go through the material with me to make sure I understood everything and could ask any questions about it if I had any. After about 20 minutes I was allowed to see the doctor. The doctor checked my eyes to see if there was any infection or anything else which would prevent the surgery. He also asked my about my nervousness since I had told a nurse I was very nervous today. He asked if I wanted something more to calm me down a bit more, and I said yes. I was given something fluid which worked emmediatelly. I was allowed to ask any questions, I had one about the method or tool to keep my eyelids open which was the thing that worried my the most. I know, strange how THAT one thing could have me worried....
Then I was walked to the operating room after putting on some bags over my shoes and a hat over my hair. I was layed on a bench much like the dentist chair but this one was completely flat. It had a place to rest the head but there was nothing else holding my head still. I had been told earlier that they might strap my head to the bed to prevent me from moving during the procedure. That was not done. I was told a couple of times to hold my chin up higher. They put some eyedrops in my eyes first and then put the "eye-lid-holding-thing" in which had me worried earlier. Looked kinda like a ring, or a very round part of ones glasses, which the doctor held close and then put upper and bottom eyelids just outside the ring. It didn't feel uncomfortable at all, and as soon as it was on I was given more numbing eyedrops. Then they put something they called a suction cup on my eye, which he explained previously would not feel at all in the eye, but there would be a big pressure around the eye. That was correct, there was a big pressure on the eyebrow and the highest part of my cheekbone. It was there for about maybe 20 seconds or something, while the femtosecond laser cut the flap in my eye. During this I couldn't see anything, it was just dark. It didn't feel uncomfortable just a big pressure on cheekbone and eyebrowbone. After that they removed this suction-thing and I would see but everything was distorted. It was kind of like looking through a glass or plastic piece which had dots all over on it, and then there was a red light on the other side. I could see tiny red dots in straight lines, many many many. Then the doctor lifted the flap. He used some kind of a tool but everything was so distorted that I didn't really see the tool even though it was right in front of my eye, and it just felt good when the flap was lifted cause then the distortion was gone and I could see -- but very very blurry. Now the red light was kinda everywhere, smeared out (the red light was one tiny little diod in reality). Now they said that they would do the actual laser correction. That it might smell a bit burnt (which I didn't feel!) and that it might feel uncomfortable cause I would have air blowing into the eye during the work with the laser. The air didn't feel uncomfortable. It didn't feel uncomfortable at all. First eye - the eye with the most myopia - was done in 3 very quick steps about 2-5 seconds each. I don't know exactly why they paused but they told me to remember to breathe :-)
Then the flap was layed back again and I was given eye drops that felt very cold and therefor very nice and the used something that looked like a tiny sponge to flatten the flap and put it in place.

Then they said that they would switch and do the other eye. The eye that wasn't operated on was covered by a piece of paper/bandage and tape. The other eye was the one with the least myopia and the actual laser correction on this eye only took one "part" at about 4-5 seconds. When they stopped and said that's it, now we're putting the flap back, I was so surprised it was so fast that I said "What, you're done already?" :-)

The whole time I was in the operating room was less than 10 minutes, of which half of that time was instructions on how to hold my head, and then to put the ring in that would hold my eyelids open. So less than 5 minutes total to actually operate the eyes.
I was then told to sit up and open my eyes and look around and tell them what to see. It felt like I had some kind of a milky lens in my eyes, everything was kind of whiteish, but I could already see that I saw everything more clearly than without glasses before.

I was walked to a room to rest for some time, they told me before about 15-30 minutes. While I was there my eyes started running a LOT, like I had had my heart broken by a boyfriend and cried my heart out. Tears running down my cheeks constantly. It was a dark room, but the door was open and the light was on in the hallway. I first sat quite close to the door but after just a few minutes I couldn't stand the light out there and moved further into the room. I was checked very often by a nurse or someone else and was given numbing eyedrops twice while I was there. I must have used half a pack of tissues to wipe my tears from my cheeks. It really really wasn't comfortable at all. I had thought the worst was over. It felt like I had a contact lens put in inside out. But not one lens, it felt like 20 lenses in each eye. I remember leaning forward and cupping my hands around my eyes to get the most darkness possible. The staff was very nice and helpful and during this time I called someone to come and pick me up. He came and sat down with me for quite a while, I think I sat there for about 40-50 minutes. I was then called in to see the doctor again and check my eyes. I had very much difficulty to open them at all, so he had to hold up my eyelids to check my eyes in the machine. He said everything looked okay and that the surgery had gone perfect.

I was then sent home.
REMEMBER TO TAKE SUNGLASSES WITH YOU! Don't take the browny one, take the darkest sunglasses you can possibly find!
When I walked out of the room I couldn't see where I was going because the lights were so bright I couldn't keep my eyes open whatsoever even behind sunglasses. My friend held my arm and walked my though subway and then to the car and drove me home. I only opened my eyes for a second to see where I put my feet in the escalator. When I got home I had already blacked out all the windows but it was still too bright and I locked myself in the bathroom which has no windows and sat there in the dark with the door shut. I took more numbing eye drops and felt really sorry for myself for about an hour in there. At that point I was probably having as much tears running for irritation in the eyes as I did because I was crying and being sad cause I didn't know how long this would last. After about an hour I got really tired and decided it would be worth it to go lay in the bed instead and have a blanket over my head. I did that and fell asleep for a little while. I woke up and my one eye felt really dry and I decided to take the tear drop replacement, one drop only in that eye. Did that and it emediately felt better. I fell back to sleep again and when I woke up again I had been in bed for about 4 hours. By then the pain/discomfort was almost gone and it just felt like my eyelids were really thick - which they really were and still are - and that they were heavy, very heavy. I got up, called my mom, my work and a friend. Then I stepped out on the balcony to check my vision. I would see the lamps in the windows of the house that's 50 meters away!! To put this in proportion - when I did my makeup next to the mirror and shut the "better eye" to do eyeshadow, everything used to be smudgy, unclear. When standing just 10 cm from the mirror! So to stand on the balcony and see the lamps in the windows was a really big thing for me.

I took the antibiotic eyedrops, waited five minutes and then took the tear drop substitute. I could sit by the computer as long as I didn't look at the screen. I could write to people looking at the keyboard but I couldn't see what they wrote back cause the screen was so bright, even when set to the lowest brightness.

After 2 more hours - 7 hours after surgery - I was able to look at the screen, watch a movie, chat with friends. I decided to go out and walk to the store to get something to eat. I had my sunglasses on but I didn't feel that they very necessary anymore, just more comfortable with them than without.

Now it's 12 hours after my surgery. My eyelids are swollen still but less than before. I'm taking my drops and I feel comfortable doing anything except sit with very bright lights. I have the lights on in this room, but not on the highest brightness.

Tomorrow I'm going to work, 24 hours after surgery. I've told my colleagues that I would probably like to do different kinds of things throughout the day. Not just sit by the computer, but not just talk to customers either. Change is good, I think. I feel like there won't be a problem as long as I can take my eyedrops every 2 hours.

Have any questions? Please ask.
I will update later on how it's going.

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