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Did you ever have it done? I had my surgery in Feb 2011 and after 6 weeks I am at -2 on my right eye which is as they state "swollen". My left eye is not the greatest either. I think I made the worst mistake in my life. I am constantly dizzy if I move around. :dizzy:

Please tell me what you did and if it worked.


hey sonnon....i knew about 2 days in that this was my biggest regret of my entire life, i was left with starbursts and halos that have not gone away or gotten better from day 1. throw in the dry eyes and the future unknown problems down the road make this a disaster of epic proportions. i do not have your dizzy issues but sometimes get eye headaches. do some research of lasik complications and you will find thousands of individuals that are suffering from this mess off a surgery. lastly, in january of this year the former head of the fda dr morris wexler who approved lasik devices and surgeries back in i believe 1997 is now petitioning the fda for immediate withdraw off all lasik devices and surgeries from all the complications. the irony of it all... good luck. keep us posted!

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