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How long until the foggy haziness in certain lighting will go away?

I had Lasik on 3/23/11. The day of when I sat up I could barely read the clock on the wall.. Slept the whole night and woke up next day and I could see!even though it was still blurry. I noticed that outdoors I could see great but in my house and at the doc's office something about the lighting made it seem hazy or foggy.

They told me it was due to inflammation in my eyes and had me up my drops. I had 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in the other.

Came in two days later using drops and vision still seemed the same to me. Strange haziness in certain lighting. Told me 20/20 in one eye now 20/30 in the other.They took pics of my eyes.

Over weekend took my drops and worried like crazy the haziness wouldnt go away. It seemed like it got a little bit better. Came in they said it was 20/20 in both eyes which was strange because I could barely read the line on the chart when I covered one of my eyes. Told me would follow up in three weeks.

Seems like its been getting slightly better. Each day is different however. One day I can see great in all lighting, the next not so great.

Today is one of those days. I woke up went to the gym came home and my vision is unbelievably blurry. I'm also having trouble seeing fine print. Does this have to due with exercising?

Is tis how it is with everyone. Fine one day, off the next? Does it have to do with the flap shifting?

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