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1month after Lasek
Apr 19, 2011
:):)I would like to share my experience since posters tend to fall away from posting when they start to feel better, and people dont realize the end result. I had LASEK (not Lasik) because of my astigmatism. The procedure itself was painless,and true to the doctors word, I was uncomfortable for 3-4 days. The 2nd day was the worst. I didnt use any ice, and this may have helped the inflammation if I had followed those instructions.

Regaining my eyesight was slower than I thought. I was driving after 5 days but not sure if it was the best choice! My prescription was about -6 in both eyes, so it was definitely up there. Every week it got better, but I noticed a difference by weeks, not days. It seemed like it wasn't improving much at the time. Finally, after about 3 weeks I really started to see great. My up close vision was the last to return, but that is great right now as well.

I haven't developed a problem with dry eyes, although there is some amount due to the surgery. I was nervous since I had a little dry eye to begin with. I know this can develop in the 2-3 months following the surgrty, so I will repost if that becomes a problem.

Overall, I am soooo happy I did it. It is still amazing for me to see without glasses since I wore them for around 30 years! During the recovery, I questioned my decision, but looking back, it was nothing compared to what I have gained. Go Dr. Yaldo in Michigan!

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