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Iam 26 yrs old and have had to wear glasses since i was quite young. In fact i refused to wear them for a couple years while in school until i had to choice and ended up having to wear them for everything. Iam quite nearsighted so doing this was quite difficult

Anyways fast forward to this year i decided i wanted to see if i was a candidate for the lasik and i was so i was thrilled to get it. A few weeks ago i had all my tests done and my post ops and i was ready to roll. As the days got closer i got more and more excited

Well yesterday was the day. I wasnt a bit worried or nervous...more anxious and excited to FINALLY be rid of my glasses once and for all. The actual procedure wasnt that fun...however not that bad. I didnt feel any pain however the suction cup part on the eye when you are getting your flap created is definately an uncomfortable feeling/sensation.

20 minutes later the procedure was complete and i was escorted into a dark room to rest for awhile before going home soon after. Of course the day before i had been putting my post op drops in every hour diligently. The same went for right after surgery this time with 2 drops and then also the "tear" drops too

For about an hour after i had horrible was difficult and even painful to open my eyes. But once i got home (yes of course i had someone drive me) and put the drops in again it felt alot better. Vision i would say was a BIT better but not a whole lot. A few hours past and i noticed a HUGE difference. I could see the small writing on the tv without squinting!!! I was told to go home and rest but wasnt able to sleep. My eyes became itchy and irrated and sleeping just was out of the question. Later on i got a pounding headache was pretty miserable. I ended up falling asleep just before midnight...i awoke several times in the night. Those goggles they give you are not that comfortable especially if you sleep on your side like i do but it was okay.

I awoke after 6am this morning feeling FANTASTIC. Headache completely gone and vision GREAT. Everything

was so clear...the blades of grass outside each one, colours appear brighter (or if black then darker) and everything

just so crisp such as signs on the highway from far away etc. I went this morning at 9am to get my eyes checked

as my doctor suggested and already have 20/20 vision. To be looking at the board and being able to read those

numbers and letters from so far away WITHOUT glasses is awesome. Words just cannot describe it.

So i go home and all is well....this afternoon however i do notice my left eye is getting a bit blurry. Things are not as clear

or sharp as they were this morning. Now of course this is only a little over 1 days since my surgery and i KNOW that my eyes

are going thru changes and are healing and was told this is normal however a bit of a bummer.

I have no pain, no itchyness and my eyes are not even red (they look a bit tired as iam tired) but all in all everything is okay

I go back in 2 days (Monday) for another exam. Will keep you all posted!!!

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