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I went to my regular eye doctor who was able to run all the tests to see if I'm a candidate for Lasik. He said that my pupils were slightly large, and my eyes were dry (my tear film stability was like 5-6 seconds; normal is 13 seconds, and if it had been 3 seconds he would have said don't do the surgery).

He recommended that I get a 2nd opinion from the surgeon who will be doing the Lasik. I went in for my 2nd opinion and an additional consultation, and the office staff were very friendly, but they had me meet with another doctor since my surgeon wasn't available that day.

This doctor said she would like me to try lubricating drops (Systane) combined with Alaway drops (for my allergies) to see if they help my dryness before I get the Lasik. She said the surgeon would do the custom wavefront Lasik due to my large pupils, but she really didn't see that as being an issue since they are only slightly larger than normal.

So I am using these drops and I just wanted to see what everyone else thinks about eye dryness after Lasik. Is it really that bad? I know what dryness feels like now, and I figure if I'm already on the drops now, what's the difference if I continue to be on drops after the surgery?

Another thing - is it typical to have the consultation done by a doctor who is NOT doing the surgery?
I had PRK and that was supposedly better concerning the dry eyes. dry eyes use to be endurable before the surgery and now after surgery...they are bone dry. I use drops all day and upon waking my eyelids are so dry they stick to my eyeballs and it hurts to pry them open. They never warned me about dry eyes getting worse. I also have ghosting and glare in one eye cause of my big pupils. They told me I had large pupils but they still said it was fine..what a lie!!! This was done at a huge reputable lasik company in toronto, ontario.

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