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Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for this board - everything I have read here has been SUPER helpful so far!

I got the Wavefront Guided LASIK at The Wilmer Eye Institute/Johns Hopkins on Monday.

Despite being totally prepared for what it would be like when the suction went on and, as a friend called it, my "vision like, totally gets sucked out of the eye" I panicked on my right eye and they had to stop. They hadn't made any cuts but had to turn off the suction and take out the eye-opener-thingy and I had to breathe for a few minutes before we started up again.

I was much calmer for my left eye.

I was -2.25 in each eye prior with a very tiny, tiny amount of astigmatism.

Two and a half days after the surgery my left eye is magic. It was reading 20/20 on my one-day post-op yesterday. My right eye is not magic. It's blurry, gritty feeling, and I could only read 20/40 and that's through a lot of blur, like a dirty contact lens is in my eye. They also said my flaps were slightly inflamed and asked me to stay on the stiffer regiment of steroid drops until they see me on Friday - a few days early for a one-week followup but they want to check the inflammation in the flaps.

Is it normal to feel one eye as PERFECT and the other less than so? I'm dosing my eyes nonstop with artificial tears (got a great tip here for putting them in the fridge to cool them down....delicious) but I just feel like I'm looking through a film in my right eye - like I have gritty Vaseline in my eye. I'm blurry at a distance and up close.

I know I'm only two days out and I'll see the doc again on Friday but I can't help but be a little concerned. I'd love any advice or similar stories that anyone could share. THANK YOU!

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