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[QUOTE=Wilson777;4766709]I recently had custom blade-less lasik 12 days ago. The procedure was a snap and I felt no pain at all. I woke up the next morning and felt like I had an eyelash in my left eye. I had both eyes done in the same surgery.

It was uncomfortable, but was not painful. Anyway, I went in for my day after evaluation and my right eye was great....... But not the left.

My doctor said I had a "good size" epithelial abrasion on my left eye. He placed a clear contact on it and I kept using all of the drops as he directed.

The next day I went in again. He said that the abrasion has healed and he could see a seam where the epithelium came together, like a cut would heal.

After that he said I was good and he would see me for my 1 week evaluation. I went in for that and my right eye was perfect 20/20, but my left eye was at -2.50!!!!!!!!

WHAT??? That's basically where I was before the surgery. My left eye is SUPER blurry, but healed.....

My question is this: Did the LASIK work? How long should I wait for my vision to clear up? It has been 12 days and I have not seen any improvement.

I'm trying not to over think this.

Any input would be helpful.

Thanks everyone![/QUOTE]

Hi Wilson,
Congrats on having the Lasik done. Sorry to hear that you got an abrasion on your left eye. Unfortunately that can happen to anyone during surgery for whatever reasons. If your dr said you had a "good size" abrasion, it could also mean that your cornea was swollen. That generally happens after surgery anyways. Swollen cornea can induce myopia. I know you are very concerned of the outcome, but give it some more time for the cornea to completely settle down. You know that being anxious at this point will not help with your condition but just give you more stress. If you can, stop closing one eye at a time to check the progress of your vision in your bad eye. In the worst case scenario, you may need an enhancement to get rid of the remaining nearsightedness at a later time. I know this is not what you had expected, it is really unfortunate that it happened to you or anyone for that matter. But the only thing you can do now is continue with the drops (if necessary) and go for your 2 week follow up and try to think positive.
As for your question about the laser not working, did you hear the clicking sound while the dr was working on your left eye? Did it feel the same as while the right eye was worked on? At this point, just try your best to relax and don't over think it (easier said than done, but try your best). Good luck! Keep us posted!

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