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[QUOTE=LargePupils;4767564]I went in for a consultation yesterday and was told that I have large pupils. I was also told at the clinic that I'd have a 5-10% chance of having halos and starbursts at night after my wavefront LASEK (thin corneas). From what I've been reading most people with large pupils develop starbursts, so I'm really on the edge about getting LASEK.

I'm a night person so it would be really hard to give up driving at night as I love driving and going out at night.
With large pupils and thin corneas would you guys recommend for me to stay with my contact lenses or to go ahead with Wavefront LASEK with Mitomycin?

Right eye: -6
Left eye: -6.25 w/ an astigmatism
Pupils day: 7.3
Pupils night: 9[/QUOTE]

hey large pupils i was - 875 range in both eyes. was told my pupils were 5.5 milimeters after the surgery. im 7+ months out of surgery and have huge halos and starburts still from day 1. they said my pupils were measured dilated but i know now i was not given the correct info. my advice is plaion and simple. run. run away as fast as you can from this mess as it will cause you much anxiety . google lasik complications or other key words. this turned out to be my biggest regret ever . in addition to the night issues i am stuck with undercorrection in one eye and have dry eyes with require me using re wetting drops and restasis. now my out come does not mean all surgeries are followed by awful results but the risk outweighs any possible rewards. i went into this without doing any research ( my fault!) and am left to pick up the pieces.. believe me i get the word out as much as i can!good luck with your decision.

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