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I had a micro lasik with custom wavefront on June 15, 2011. It has been 15 days and my vision is still very blurry, my left is blurry to the point that I can barely see, my right eye is also so weak that I cannot read either near or far, everything is just blurry. I think I had the same doctor with m1bud, he had done over 25000 customers (or whatever his claim is)

As of right now (almost after 3 weeks post lasik) I cant read book, cant use my computer, cant really do anything in my life with this vision, my eyes are both filled with red blood because of the broken eyes vessels during the lasik, they are still swollen and I had to take medication to get help with it. I think the eye-surgeon had really f&* up my eyes so bad. I have had a 1 day follow up, 1 week follow up, and a 2 weeks follow up and the doctor keep saying my vision will be improve *within the next few days*. I'm tired with all this bs, blurriness and I'm depressing about my situation. My family doesn't understand this and keep saying why I spent over 3000$ and get this half-blinded eyes.

I'll keep my post update for anything new.

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