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Hi Everyone,

I have just been reading some of the threads on unclear vision after lasik. I have had the Surgery on the 10th June and its now the 13th. I had astigmatism which was middle of the road with long-sight but the vision for me because of this is both bad near and far unless I squint so.

I am in the early days and can tell you that I went for a check up and had the contact lenses taken away. My vision is blurry still, not badly I mean I can read small print but from all the posts I have been reading it could be some time before it stablilizes?

I think what does not help is the surgeon who has performed on over 25000 people said to me that there was a small chance he would have to go over my eyes again due to the strong astigmatism. This has obviously concerned me with the fact that I am hoping the slight blurry look will vanish.

Whats also interesting my vision is clearer with the dark shades on? I will keep the updates coming over the weeks joining the help on this sensitive subject.

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